The Historian's Perspective of Civil War Battles



You are to create a power point using Microsoft Power Point.

Students may use the Websites provided as well as other valid resources as needed.  You may find books in your school library.  Check your library catalog bwmsdestiny.

Items which must be included in the power point:

 Name of the Civil War Battle

 Location and Dates of the battle

 Briefly describe the battle, including leaders, course of events, and the outcome.

 Describe the environment of the battle.  For example, was the battle fought on land or sea?  In a town or city or in a rural area?  What were the geography, climate, and weather like?

 What factors influenced the outcome of the battle?

 What was the significance of the battle in the war?

 Include one or two photographs from the battle selected and remember to credit the photographer in  your power point and be creative.

 Include your Works Consulted in the power point.

 Minimum number of slides - 15

***Remember these are the things you have to have in your power point.  You may include more if you feel the need. ***

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