Operation: Planet Zworfin



Before you can begin your first mission we need to update you on the latest intelligence about web site evaluation.  During Pre-flight Training you will be learning about web site evaluation.  There are two pieces of Pre-flight Training.  Both are listed below.

Pre-flight Training
Web Site Domain Name Basics
Every web site has an address or URL.  There is information in that address that can tell about who has provided the information on the web site and why.  Look at the list below and notice the differences in these web address endings.   You will need to pay attention to that when you are evaluating the two Mankato web sites on your missions.

.gov= USA government site (transportation, department of social services)
.org= non-profit organization (a group that doesn't make money, American Cancer Society, but they can still want you to believe what they believe)
.com= USA commerical web site (a company paid for the site and the information to be there)
.mil= USA military web site (army, navy, air force)
.edu= USA education site (elementary school, middle, high school, or college)  The college sites offer lots of good information on many different topics.  Be careful with any other kind of school.

Five W's of Web Site Evaluation
Visit the link below called "Pre-flight Site." Read through the Five W's and make sure you understand why each of those areas is important to know about a web site.  You will be using this information for your missions.

Pre-flight Site

Mission 1
Y0u are ready to begin your first mission.  Remember that one of you will be the Pilot and one of you will be the Co-Pilot for this mission.  The Pilote will navigate in the site.  The Co-Pilot is to record the information. 

You are going to evaluate your first Mankato, MN web site.  As you explore the site you are to complete the Mission 1 form.  In Resources below you will find the Mission 1 form.  Open it up and print it out.  Then go to the Mission 1 Web Site below and use your astronaut skills and explore the site and its contents.  Be sure to be as accurate as you can on your mission since your work will impact the Zworfins choice of which site to use to learn about about their future home.

Mission 1 Web Site

Mission 2
Good job Astronauts.  I know that you worked very hard completing your first mission.  Now you are ready to begin Mission 2.  Make sure that you switch roles now.  Whoever was the Pilot on the first mission will now get to be the Co-Pilot so you both get to have both roles. 

Just like in your first assignment, this mission requires you to print out the Mission 2 Form found in Resources below.  Then you will visit the Mission 2 Web Site below.  Complete your form while you are evaluating the various parts of the site.

Mission 2 Web Site

Mission 3
Now that you have completed your exploration of the two Mankato, Minnesota web sites, it is time that you decide which site provides the most accurate and best informatin for the Zworfins.  They are not good users of the Internet so they are relying on you to help them choose the web site that is best for their research on their new home. 

The Zworfins cannot live on Zworfin any longer, they have used up all of its resources.  They have been told that Mankato, MN on Earth is a great place.  They need to make a quick decision about moving there.  You're to work with you partner to create an explanation of which site you would recommend to the Zworfins and why you believe that.  You need to use your Mission 1 and Mission 2 forms to help you decide.  Be ready to speak to the Zworfins and present your opinion together.  As a team you need to decide and present!   


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