English-Speaking-World Dinner



You are going to start with planning your dinner. You will work in groups of four. The teacher decides who you work with.

Step 1 ( week 1)
You and your group will choose a country from the six below:
- United Kingdom
- United States of America
- New Zealand
- Australia
- Ireland
- Jamaica
Step 2 ( week 1: deviding the roles. Week 2 and week 3: finding the information and adding the pictures)
Every member has to find information about the history, traditions or food. One person should also find pictures and make the product look good. Below are the tasks. Divide the tasks in your group. The information you write ( The A4's) will be part of your menu.
- One student finds information about the history of the country. He/ she summarizes this information on one A4 (without pictures).
- One student finds recipes for five dishes of the country. These dishes are: one starter, one main course, one dessert and two small treats for in between the other meals.
- One student finds information about traditions and history of the food. This will be one and a half A4.
- One student will find pictures for the menu and make sure that the menu and the information on the menu looks good.
* Every group needs to find at least one other internet source about the country. When you look at the sources you see that there are already 2 sources for your country. You have to find one other source.
* The use of a dictionary is allowed. (A link to an online dictionary is added to the resources.)

Step 4 ( week 4).
All the information found should be put together in one menu.
The first two pages should be about the history and traditions of the country. The next pages are about the dishes. 

Step 5 ( week 5: English-Speaking-World Dinner)
The teacher will pick one of your meals for our World Class Dinner.

Beware that your group has to prepare this meal (yes, you will have to make it yourselves).
In total you have 5 weeks to make the menu.

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