Philippines: More Than the Usual



4 DAY Tour Around the Philippines

Day 1. Tourist Spots

1. You will research the major attractions in the Philippines using the following websites:
             Department of Tourism
             Global Pinoy
             (You could also refer to 2 videos attached below for some
           tourist spots)

2. You must be able to choose 10 tourist spots that attracted you the most.
3. Fill up the worksheet containing a table regarding your chosen tourist spots. Open the link below.
4. Cut or print pictures of the tourist spot you chose.
5. Compile your work on a folder (worksheet plus the pictures).
6. Be creative.

Day 2: Heritage Sites

1. The class will be divided into seven groups.
2. Each group will research the different heritage sites in the Philippines using the following websites:
             Global Pinoy
             Historical Places
             (You could also refer to the video below for the heritage sites)
3. Each group will choose 1(one) heritage site.
4. Each group will  present their chosen heritage site using Powerpoint presentation.
5. Include its brief history.
6. Place pictures or videos related with your chosen heritage site.
7. When presenting each member must speak explaining their chosen site.

Day 3: Filipino Cuisines

1. The class will be divided into two groups
2. Each group will research about the different cuisines using the following websites:
             Filipino Recipes
             Pinoy Recipes
             Recipe Book
             (You could also refer to the video below for examples of Filipino

3. Then each group must choose one recipe.
4. The members of each group will be divided depending on their role.
          Buyer - Members who will buy the ingredients
          Cook - Members who will cook the recipe
          Technical - Members who will record and edit the video.
5. After assigning each members the group will decide the place in which they could cook
     their chosen recipe.
6. The cook must present the video like a cooking show that demonstrates the steps in
     cooking the chosen recipe.
7. The members assign in the technical will record and edit the video.
8. The videos will be presented in the class.

Day 4. Brochure Making

1. After the 3 days of exploring and researching about the Philippines you must be able to make your own 
2. Make a brochure using the Microsoft Publisher.Please be guided with the link below about the steps in
     making a brochure.
3. Each will be given a chance to present their own brochure.

 The rubric included in this web-quest will be used to grade the activities.   

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