Shopping for Family in Quebec City



How will you find out where the stores are located?

How will you get there?

How much will transportion cost?

Which stores will you need to visit to buy the items of interest?

How much will each gift cost and for whom are you buying the gift. 

Create a brochure!  (must be in brochure form--created in microsoft publisher).  Brochure will include historical sites or landmarks, the best shopping places, transportation, and value of money.  Remember to include prices on any attractions visited. 

First you and your group will discuss the things you like to do including, types of places to shop, activities, types of historical sites, museums and other tourist attractions.  Based on the information collected from each member, you will create an outline of to get you started on your research.   Use the questions above to create your outline--being very specific--giving names of each shop or store in mall, types of gifts that can be purchased at each shop or store in mall, and hours of operation of each place that you research.  You will create the travel brochure based on the data collected.  You will need to include information that demonstrates a well planned trip.  Using the links below, you will find taxi companies, stores, and shops in Quebec City.  Some of the links do have descriptions of what is sold in the stores.  Others have actual websites to the stores and you will be able to access the sites to see exactly what is sold there. 


As this is an interdisciplinary webquest, the files attached may pertain to one subject but may be used to stress the importance of others.  This webquest emphasizes diversity in today's world and uses the interdisciplinary theme as a means of providing relationship among the courses. 

***French classes will be exposed to Quebec culture and language.  French students will also create and improvise a shopping day excursion to present with the information gained.  See link for file attachment:  ROLE PLAY RUBRIC in the Evaluation and the Rubric Section.

***History classes will learn the how Canada was established, important historical information, and historical landmarks.  See link for file attachment:  HISTORY DETECTIVE. 

***Math students will learn about the money of another country and how to convert money during their travels.  See link for file attachment: MATH FOCUS QUESTIONS.

***Science students will  make a weather station by building their own rain guage and barometer.  See lesson and questions file attachment below.  

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