Early Civilizations: Mayan, Aztec and Incan Civilizations



The Mayan, Aztec and Incan civilizations are some of the oldest civilizations in America (North America and South America). Many of the technologies and ideas they came up with are used today in one way or another. 

You are going to have the opportunity to research each of these civilizations with your group and then share what you learned with the class.

Please follow the steps below to complete this WebQuest.
  1. To begin with, please fill out the "K" and "W" sections of the K-W-L chart below. Include all of the information you know already about each of the ancient civilizations you're learning about (Mayans, Aztecs and Incas) and anything you want to learn about them.
  2. Once you have filled out the K-W-L chart on your own, you will be grouped with 2-3 of your classmates for the research and creation part of the WebQuest. 
  3. Share your K-W-L charts with your team members and add or change any new information you find out from your classmates.
  4. After everyone's K-W-L charts have been updated, you will begin your research. 
  5. Use the comparison chart below to keep track of the information you discover about each culture.
  6. With your team members, watch the videos below (there are URL links to each video) and make notes of any new information you learn from the videos using the K-W-L chart or the comparison chart.
  7. Once you have watched the videos, begin your research with your team members using the links below, classroom encyclopedias and books (from the library). As you discover new information, include it in your comparison chart. Be sure to look for information for each category in your comparison chart. 
  8. When your comparison chart is completely filled in, you may begin your final project.
  9. With your group, determine if you are going to create a poster with the information you learned or a PowerPoint presentation. If anyone in your group would prefer to write an essay individually, they may do so. If you choose to write an essay individually, you will be graded on your individual essay rather than the final project of your group. Whoever is involved in the presentation will be graded on the outcome of that instead of the essay.
  10. Begin working on your poster, PowerPoint or essay. Be sure to include all of the information from your comparison chart in your poster, PowerPoint presentation or essay.
  11. Make your presentation to the class as a group using your poster or PowerPoint slideshow or share your essay with the class, individually. 
  12. After all of your classmates have made their presentations, complete the "L" section of your K-W-L chart.

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