King Arthur Investigation

Process - How to do this task


Task One: Symbolism, what does it all mean?
You will apply your knowledge of symbolism and investigate the three main symbols of King Arthur's Legend. Using the links below, answer the questions provided to you on your handout #1.

The Round Table  and Round Table Resource #2


Holy Grail

Task Two: True or False?
Investigate the role of these characters in the Legend and determine based upon the information you find, if you believe the people to be real or not.  As you research locate 2 reasons FROM THE READING to serve as support for why you believe what you do. Once you have done this, circle Real or Fake at the bottom of your column to declare your point of view. Make sure to record your answers onto Handout #2.

Sir Lancelot and Sir Lancelot resource #2

Guinevere and Guinevere Resource #2

King Arthur


Lady of the Lake

Merlin and Merlin Resource #2

Task Three:
You will apply King Arthur's Legend to the following present-day events. Choose 1 item to compare and answer the questions provided to you on handout #3.

Camelot to the JFK Administration

Chivalry to present dating scenarios and advice

Chivlary to the 10 Commandments

OR/ Chivalry to a code of ethics in the military

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