Infectious Disease Exploration



You will create a PowerPoint presentation illustrating an infectious disease. It must include the following details and must have the format of a town meeting or press release about this urgent epidemic:

      The History Of The Disease

o   When did it first appear? (not just in town - in history)

o   What has it been called throughout history?

o   How did/does it affect society?

      Its Symptoms

      How It Is Spread

      What Its Cause Is

o   Bacteria?

o   Virus?

o   Protozoan?

o   Fungus?

o   Include its scientific name!   

       Illustrations (try to include each)

o   of the cause

o   of people afflicted by this disease

o   historical pictures

      How It Is Fought And Prevented

o   Treatment

o   Prevention

o   Control

This is to be a factual presentation - not a commentary from you. Have no more than 20 words per slide. You should NOT read your presentation - use the presentation as a visual aide to your explanations.

You will present your slides to the class. You will need to act the part of the reporter/expert giving the presentation to a worried crowd of townsfolk.

You will be graded by the quality of the presentation (neatness, informative, covers all the material above, pleasing to the eye, etc.) AND by the quality of your presentation (including the acting like you are a real expert).

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