Stamps - Mirrors of Australia



Now that you are in groups of 4, you will each need to contribute two images to be considered as stamps to represent Australia as a multicultural and diverse nation. The images you select, and your reason for selecting them, should reflect what it means to you to be Australian.

To research multiculturalism and diversity in Australia, you will each take on one of the four different roles listed. Each role has websites that will help you gather information. You are not limited to only using the internet. You may also make use of other resources available in the library.

Historian - How has the history of migration in Australia developed a diverse population?




Statistician - How diverse is Australia today? Who makes up the Australian population?



Human Rights Activist - How have refugees contributed to the multicultural population of Australia?




Reconciliation Activist - How have the many Indigenous cultures of Australia contributed to the national identity?




Remember the internet is just one source of information; be sure to utilise all the options the library has to offer!

Once you have gathered enough information to answer your question, you need to locate 2 images that represent your findings.  You can use Google images for this. http://www.google.com.au/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi. Make sure the images you use are not subject to copyright. If you are not sure, let me know and we can check.

If you are feeling extra creative, you can create your own images. Google images is just one resource!! You can use your own photos or art work.

Don't rush looking for images, and think carefully about locating an image that represents what a diverse Australia means to you. You also need to make sure that the image you have selected meets the Australian Post Office's criteria. You can check this here http://www.stamps.com.au/help-pages/stamp-issue-policy.

If you are not sure after reading this, you can always go back and compare your image to some of the other stamps we looked at when introducing the task here http://zunal.com/introduction.php?w=67799

Once each member of the group has their images you need to come together to develop a PowerPoint presentation on the diverse cultural landscape of Australia, and how your 8 images represent this. 

Be sure to give your series of stamps a title. This title will also be the title for your presentation.

If you would like more information on how to put a PowerPoint presentation together you can get it here http://www.educationworld.com/a_tech/tutorials/ew_ppt.htm.

The power point must include each image you wish to submit as an Australian stamp, and the reason why they represent a diverse concept of what it means to be Australian.

The final slide in your presentation must be a bibliography of the resources you used to complete your investigation.

The final step

You must also provide a letter addressed to
The Manager
Philatelic Group
Australia Post
GPO Box 1777
Melbourne VIC 3001

The letter must address why your group believes these 8 images should be developed into Australian stamps. You need to include how they represent the diverse nature of Australian Citizenship.

The letter needs to be written as a formal letter.
You can use the following format: http://www.ehow.com/how_5893263_write-formal-business-letter.html



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