The Holocaust: A Webquest



You will be assigned a team of of three reporters. You will work with your team to create your newspaper. Let's get started!

1. MAIN PAGE - HEADLINE ARTICLE. Each member of your group will compose an article that should focus on one of the following suggested topics. Include a photo or some type of illustration to enhance your article. You may download and print out the summarizing facts graphic organizer to help keep track of your ideas. After research, you come up with a topic of your own, please make sure you have it approved by your teacher before beginning. Below are some suggestions to get you started!

  • What was the Holocaust? Who was responsible for this? Who was Hitler? Who were the Nazis?
  • What was Hitler's "Final Solution"? What is deportation? What is genocide?
  • What was the "Resistance"? Who were they? What did they do? List and describe at least 3 things.
  • Who were the Allies in WWII? What countries were involved? Who were the Axis powers? What countries were involved? What is "occupation" of a country?
  • What is a swastika? Include a picture of one in your article. What did it symbolize during World War II? What is the “yellow star?” Draw a picture of it in your journal. What did it symbolize? Who had to wear it, and why?
  • Watch one of the Holocaust virtual reality movies. Create a story that details what you see inside one of the camps.
Places to research and find answers for your articles:

The Holocaust: A Learning Site For Students
Holocaust Glossary
Maps of the Holocaust
The Holocaust in Denmark
Rescue of the Jews in Denmark
Holocaust Virtual Reality Movies
Holocaust Photographs
More Photographs
Important Facts
Holocaust Badges
Books to check out from your local library
Listen to a narrator describe The Final Solution
Common Questions on The Holocaust
Facts on Victims
Holocaust Encyclopedia

2. SECTION OF REMEMBRANCE. You and your fellow reporters will research some of the victims of the Holocaust. Each reporter will pick a unique individual and describe at least 3 facts about their lives while also creating a poem to honor that person. Include a photograph if you can find one, or some illustration that means something to that person. The poem must be at least 8 lines long.

Links for research:

Children of the Holocaust
Personal Histories
View Historical Film Footage
Victims of The Holocaust
Books to check out from your local library!
Listen to the Stories of Real Holocaust Witnesses
More Recommended Books

3. SECTION OF HONOR. You will honor some of the heroes and rescuers of the Holocaust by researching them and creating an article about them. You may choose a prominent hero or a lesser known one. Whomever you choose, you must include three facts about them in your write-up as well as some sort of picture. A poem will also be written to honor this person at a minimum of 8 lines long. Each group will have at least 3 heroes (minimum of one per reporter).

Links for research:

Rescuers: What Made a Difference?
Rescuers in Denmark
Heroes of the Holocaust Book - check it out from your local library!
Biographies - People of the Holocaust. A Great Place for extra information!
Righteous Gentiles
Witnesses, Survivors, & Liberators
The Oskar Schindler Story
Holocaust Liberators

4. TIME LINE. You will close out your paper with a time line detailing major events of the Holocaust. It is the responsibility of your group to pick the most important events that your country needs to be aware of! Be sure to come up with at least 10 events and be able to describe each one in 3 or 4 sentences, and why they are significant. Include a picture or illustration for each event.

Detailed Time Line
Timeline Organized by 3 Time Periods
Rescue Time Line
Another Very Detailed Time Line
Day By Day, Year By Year

Before turning in your newspapers and presenting them to the class, go over the following questions with your group. REMEMBER, you owe it to your country to make sure you have everything, and that it is THE TRUTH!

  • Did we create at least three articles for our MAIN PAGE? Did we answer our questions thoughtfully and thoroughly? Did each group member trade their articles with another to be edited for grammatical errors?
  • Does our section of REMEMBRANCE recognize at least 3 victims of the Holocaust? Did we include a minimum of 3 facts as well as a picture or illustration. Did we trade our story with another member of the group for editing? Is our poem thoughtful and at least 8 lines long?
  • Does our section of HONOR recognize at least 3 victims of the Holocaust? Did we include a minimum of 3 facts as well as a picture or illustration. Have we traded our write up with another group member to be edited? Is our poem thoughtful and at least 8 lines long?
  • Does our time line include at least important events of the Holocaust? Is the time line neat and accurate? Did we include a photo or illustration for each event?

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