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The American Quest For Independence

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Process Process

You and your partners will be assigned a role to play: Patriot, Loyalist, woman, African American, Native American or British citizen.
Construct a profile of who this person is, and what his/her life is like (the worksheet will help you) and put yourself in his/her shoes! View the advent of the revolution from his/her perspective.

In your group, you will assign each group member a designated task:
a) pamphlet & quiz
b) newspaper interview (If there are 5 people in your group, 2 students will work on this task together.)
c) diary entry
d) short speech
You will find more detailed information on how to accomplish these tasks when reading through the HOW-TO-documents on the bottom of this page (Resources).

You may now begin the quest!
You can use the following websites (further down) as the foundation of your research, but they are by no means all inclusive. Any of the sites below offer additional links for more information. You can also consult textbooks or any other sources.

Once you have finished exploring your role, you need to begin working on your task.
Don't forget to speak and write from your character's perspective.
You will present the profile of your fictional character, the pamphlet, the interview article and the diary entry on a poster that will enable your classmates to answer your quiz.
Don't forget to write your names on your products so that the others can identify who completed which task.
On the day of the presentation of your poster, we will also listen to the short speech one of your group has prepared.

Do not forget to work on your vocabulary sheet.

! Do proceed with caution when siting an unfamiliar website in your research. If you have any questions or reservations about the validity of a website do not hesitate to consult your teacher. !


Background for Everybody
Group: Patriot
Group: Loyalist
Group: Woman
Group: African American
Group: Native American
Group: British citizen

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