The Pilgrims' Voyage



  Before you get started, all of you will be divided up into groups of three.  Once you are divided up, you need designate a person for each job.  These jobs include:  a recorder, an engineer, and a team leader. The job descriptions are listed below.

  •  Recorder-  The recorder is in charge of writing down all information from the    research that applies to each project.  This person will also be in charge of writing down the rough draft for the Venn Diagram later in the week.
  •  Engineer-  The engineer's main responsibility is to draw and design the "new" Mayflower based on what the group decides.  This person will be in charge of drawing the sketch and making sure that the new ship is put together correctly.
  • Team Leader-  The team leader is in charge of maintaining order in the group and making sure that the assignments and projects are turned in on time.  This person will also present the group's ship to the class and describe what changes were made.

  Although there will be many opportunities to work in groups, there will also be assignments that should be completed on your own. 

Day 1: 

  Today you will work in your groups to research the voyage of the pilgrims.  You will visit some websites and create a list of important facts about the voyage.  Please visit these websites:

    Note:  The recorder needs to write down the list of important facts while researching in group.

 Day 2:

  Today, you can revisit any sites that you need to get more information from.  You can also visit any sites that you were not able to look at.  Additionally, your group needs to explore the Plymouth History website. This website will give you information about the lives of the Pilgrims, which will help you with some projects later.  Please take notes on this. 

Day 3:

  Today, work on your own and explore these websites:

  When finished, write a journal entry (using correct language and historical facts) about "your" trip from England to America.  Make sure that you state whether you are a child, mother, father, captain, etc. on the Mayflower.

Day 4:

  You will work in your group today.  Make sure that the recorder has all of the notes from previous research.  Today you will make a Venn Diagram online.  Please work together to compare the experiences on the Mayflower voyage to travel today. Please print this out and have the team leader turn it in. 

  Next, you will need to work together in your group to create a new and improved Mayflower ship. The engineer need to make sure and draw all changes.  When finished you may begin work on your model. 

Day 5:

  Today you will finish making your model.  The group will work together to write a speech about what changes were made to ship and why it would have made for a better experience.  The team leader will deliver the speech to the class.







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    Description: Please use this worksheet to make your rough draft Venn Diagram.

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