Dewey the Cat's Library Adventure



Part #1:
Your entire class of library aides will create a map of the library for Dewey to refer to. You will be divided into teams, do research, and complete your team's section of a large map that will be provided. "Dewey's Map" will have 10 sets of "shelves" already attached. Individually, you will locate books in each of your 2 assigned sections and add them to the map.


  1. Each team will be assigned 2 of the "hundreds" section to research (see below)
  2. As a team, use the sites listed to find 3 types of materials that are found in your 2 "hundreds" sections (for example: 3 types of materials from the 000's,  3 types of materials from the 100's, and so on). "Type" means the category (like "history"), not a specific book.
     3. Neatly write the information found in #2 on the correct sections on the class map for Dewey


     1. Print out the Graphic Organizer in the Resource section below
     2. Find 2 books from each of your 2 assigned "hundreds" sections in the library
-media center
     3. Write down the title, author, and call number of these 4 books (2 from each "hundreds" section) on your Graphic Organizer
     4. Use the completed Graphic Organizer in #3 to fill-in the paper "books" that your team has been given

     5. Glue these "books" onto the appropriate "shelves" on Dewey's map

Team Reference:

Dewey Decimal categories: 000's, 100's

Team Theology:
Dewey Decimal categories: 200's, 300's

Team Languages:
Dewey Decimal categories: 400's, 500's

Team Technology:
Dewey Decimal categories: 600's, 700's

Team Literature:
Dewey Decimal categories: 800's, 900's

Part #2:
Your team will create 4 PowerPoint slides on the following topics to give Dewey more information about the library before he re-shelves the books.

Each set of team PowerPoint slides needs to include:
  1. One slide listing your team name and names of your team members
  2. One slide with your team's question on it (see below) 
  3. One slide with 1 - 2 paragraphs answering your question (in your own words!)
  4. One slide labeled: "Sources", listing the URL for the website linked below and the date that you gathered the information
Watch this video on how to create good PowerPoint projects.

Team Reference:
What is a call number and what do the different parts of it mean?
Resource: Let's Do Dewey

Team Theology:
What is the difference between fiction and non-fiction? Give 2 examples for each type.
Resource: Fiction vs. Non-fiction

Team Languages:
What Dewey Decimal call number was fiction originally placed in? Why were they moved into their section.
Resource: Library ThinkQuest

Team Technology:
What was Melvil Dewey's occupation and what year did he develop the Dewey Decimal System?
Resource: Melvil Dewey

Team Literature:
Why did Melvil Dewey invent the Dewey Decimal System?
Resource: A Guide to Library Books

Part #3:
Your final task will be a group presentation of your team's assigned "hundreds" sections of the library (on the map) and your team's section of the PowerPoint.

First, watch this video of a very bad presentation to learn what not to do!

Groups will present in the following order:
Team Reference, Team Theology, Team Languages, Team Technology, Team Literature

Do your best! You will receive a special surprise at the end of all of your tasks.


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