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  1. Break down into your individual groups to discuss the game plan. Have on student at a computer ready to outline the websites at the bottom of this page. You will only need to choose four of the provided links - the choices will be left up to the group. Each student will be responsible for one (1) of these websites which each have a different aspect of the black plague included within it.

     2.  Go to an individual computer and access your web link. There will be a specific subject assigned to  
          the website that you will need to focus on. Read through the entire web page to discover your
          subject and take as many notes as you can. This will be important for the summary essay as well as
          the group project at the end of your investigation.

     3.  After reviewing all  pertinent information, each student will individually write a 1 page double
          spaced paper outlining the answers to the following questions: Who, what, when, where, and why?
          This paper must also include thoughtful insight into the following criteria:

What were the economic ramifications of such a large scale event? What did some people do to protect/avoid exposure? Were there religious explanations for the plague? How did the disease spread so quickly? What were the signs and symptoms of the disease? What animals/insects were later to blame? How did the disease create an awareness of communicable disease? What would Europeans learn from these plagues?

*************Many of these questions will not have specific answers within your website. This will require constructive analysis based on what you have learned from  your reading - many of the answers are implied, meaning you must construct an answer that you THINK is the right one.****************

     4.  Students will collectively create a presentation about the black plague to be given to the class.  Each
          website will have variation (simply meaning that dates and locations may be different at each
          website) but the general times and locations will be good enough. The group will be responsible for
          the combination of all of the information for a single group presentation

     5.   All students MUST speak in the presentation and share which website they analyzed and what
           information they found/didn't find. It is important that you participate in the exercise you
           choose/assigned to: there will be a group grade on top of the individual grade. Any lack of
           participation will be noticed and will harm the entire group so stay busy and work together!

Students will have one class period to collect information from their website and take notes (the individual papers must be written OUTSIDE of class); one class period for group discussion and organization of the presentation; and one class period for the group presentations. Divide your time accordingly.

---------------------------HERE ARE THE FIVE WEBSITES TO CHOOSE FROM-----------------------

     1: http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/plague.htm

Topics of Interest: Date, Location, Symptoms, Disease Prevention

     2: http://www.istrianet.org/istria/medicine/infectious/1347-50_black-death1.htm

Topics of Interest: Date, Location, Asian Countries Affected, Economic Impact

     3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyE8z_Ztifc (Video)

Topics of Interest: Date, Location, Cause, Who was affected?, Religious Implications, Disposal of the dead

     4: http://www.boisestate.edu/courses/westciv/plague/

Topics of Interest: Different Disease forms, plague origins, effects on art, effects on culture

     5: http://www.middle-ages.org.uk/black-death.htm

Topics of Interest: Date, Location, Symptoms, treatment of disease, Religious Implications, Impacts on the Feudal System

Have fun and good luck!

For quick reference and background information it may be helpful to use the resorces below before getting started.



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    Description: This is a printable version of the rubric that is outlined in the evaluation page. Feel free to keep this with you as you write/research your Topics of Interest.

Description: Interesting Black Death Video

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    Description: Black Death/Bubonic Plague PowerPoint

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