The Importance of Turnout in Ballet



1.  For the first task, use the videos under resources as guides for different stretches.
*Stretch once a day, every day, each day for 30 minutes, for a total of one month.
**Take a before picture on Day 1 of your feet while standing in ballet's first position.  After you have completed this task (after one month), take a picture of your first position to use as an after picture.

~Also, it might be to your benefit to enroll yourself in some ballet classes, where you could work your turnout while moving and having fun.~

Research the correct techniques of turnout and which muscles to use while achieving this. 

2.  Some of these links will give you a head start on the second part of your task.
~If you end up injuring yourself by stretching the wrong muscles or by forcing your turnout, points will be deducted.~


3.  Go online to look for ballet performances taking place in your town or close by.  Use all the information from your research and experience from task one to write a paper on the performance using your new knowledge and appreciation for the correct techniques of turnout.

(**If you cannot attend one of these performances, use the one that I have attached under resources to use to write your paper.**)

Use the information that you have learned from both tasks to take a quiz.

Your grade will consist of:

  1. Your turnout improvement over one month.
  2. Use of support and knowledge in the paper written based off of a ballet performance.
  3. Your quiz grade reflecting knowledge of the correct technique of turnout and possible injuries obtained from performing turnout the wrong way.


Description: This is how to use your turnout with great technique!! You can take ballet classes to improve your turnout. Work on these specific things that the instructor in this video mentions.

Description: Even though this is not a reliable source, it has 3 really good exercises to help your turnout. The girl does a very good job of explaining the proper way to do the exercises with good technique. *Use you inner thigh muscles to help you turnout.*

Description: Two turnout stretches; listen to the instructors comments about keeping your lower back on the floor when doing the second stretch.

Description: Tip: Control your legs when taking them down to the floor. If you cannot go that far down with your legs, do not be discouraged...just go as far open as you can. *Forcing the openness can lead to injury, so do not push it to more than you can handle.* And remember, while opening and closing your legs, remember to work on the rotation of the hips.

Description: If you cannot attend a live ballet performance, use this one to write you paper on. This is Svetlana Zakharova doing the Swan Lake White Swan Pas De Deux.

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