Solid, liquid or gas?



of all, you need to get into teams of three.

Team member 1: Reader: You will read any information on the websites to your team members

Team member 2: Recorder: You will write any information your team needs to complete the tasks

Team member 3: Techie: You will control the computer during tasks



Step 2: Print the matter chart in the attachments, then go to this website to learn about the properties of solid, liquid and gas. The Techie will use the computer. The Reader will read the information on the website to the team members, and the Recorder write the information for the different states of matter http://www.uvm.edu/~inquiryb/webquest/sp03/Barksdale/


Step 3: Go to these websites to do activities with matter. You will sort matter and see interactions. Each team member does each activity. http://www.fossweb.com/modulesK-2/SolidsandLiquids/activities/changeit.html





Step 4: Go to this website to do a fill in the blank quiz .Work as a team and each member does their job. Print a copy when you finish http://www.teachingandlearningresources.co.uk/solidsliquids.shtml


Step 5: Look around your classroom and home to identify examples of matter. The Reader will look for solids. The Recorder will look for liquids, and the Techie will find gasses. Record your information in your notebook.


Step 6: You will each create a concept map with Kidspiration for your state of matter.




  • File
    Description: matter chart

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    Description: example of concept map

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    Description: mini lesson for Kidspiration

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