The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland



Step 1 - Introduction

  • Class will be  divided into four groups
  • The members of the each group will do different work
Student A - Speaker (has to present the group work)
Student B- Manager (has to coordinate the work of the group)
Student C - Designer (has to draw, glue and write)
Student D - Informator (has to provide group with interesting information for reading)
  • Managers of the groups have to choose one of the country of the United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
Step 2 - Preparation

  • Groups have to prepare all nessesary materials - A1 format paper, crayons, markers, glue, pencils, scissors, etc.

Step 3 - Gathering the information
  • Group's informator has to provide his/her  groupmates with information or links for useful sites about their countries.
  • All memebers of the group have to read the same sites and make notes about different sites (3 sentances at least about each)
  • Memebers of the group have to decide which information will they choose for poster.
Don't forget poster has to include the information about:
  1. symbols of the country (flag, emblem, flower, anthem)
  2. geographical position of the country (map, rivers, mountains, seas)
  3. population and language
  4. national traditions and holidays
  5. interesting places
+ at least 5 pictures

Step 4 - Creating poster

  • Students will create a colourful poster using  crayons, markers, glue, pencils, scissors, etc.
  • Disigner of the group is responsible for the creating. 
Step 5 - Presentation

  • At the fourth lesson groups have to present their work.
  • Speaker will tell about their country, using poster


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    Description: Some useful links about the United Kingdom

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