Media Literacy: Persuasive Techniques



  1. First, you will be put into small groups of three. You will complete this assignment in groups.
  2. Second, after the teacher presentation in class on persuasive techniques, it is time for you to do more research on the subject. Visit the links provided in #3 to further your understanding of the following persuasive techniques: bandwagon appeal, beautiful people/celebrities appeal, expert appeal, humor appeal, testimonials/plain folk appeal, warm and fuzzy appeal.
  3. Here are some links that may be helpful to you:

4.   Now, it is time for you to gather examples of each type of persuasive technique. Gather examples from print advertisements and online. Also, look for online commercials through YouTube.

5.  Once you have gathered a large array of each type of persuasive technique, it is time for you to begin your project. Decide whether your group will be creating a poster or a PowerPoint. If you do a poster, this may be created by hand or electronically.

6. Follow the rubric to make sure you include all the assignment elements the teacher is asking you to do.

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