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Vertical Angles - Technology and Literacy

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  • Step 1 - Prior to the beginning of the class teacher will write the lesson plan on the board
  • Step 2 - Once students get into the class teacher will review homework and ask for any questions
  • Step 3 - Teacher will review vocabulary of Intersection lines
  • Step 4 - Teacher will talk about vertical angles and ask students to find a real world examples
  • Step 5 - Teacher will explain  and write definition of vertical angles on the board and ask students to copy the definition to the notebooks (Note taking Activity, Strategy #38)
  • Step 6 - Teacher will draw  example on the board (Please see attachement)
  • Step 7 - Teacher will ask students to copy the picture on to their notebooks
  • Step 8 - Teacher will ask students to measure all the angles
  • Step 9 - Once student finished measuring the angles they will have to write on the board their results
  • Step 10 - Teacher will show that angles 1 and 3  are the same, as well 2 and 4
  • Step 11 - Teacher will define the propertyies of the vertical angles vertical angles are congruent
  • Step 12 - Teacher will show interactive web site
  • Step 13  - Students will be asked to work in a groups of two to investingate propertyies of vertical angles
Picture on the board
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