A Tourist's Guide to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World



Here are the steps you need to follow in order to create a fantastic brochure:

1. Put a nice title on your brochure along with a colorful picture (either drawn or taken from some other source). The cover should also include your name so we know whom to give all the credit.

2. The second page of your brochure (back of the cover page) should list the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Feel free to add any pictures or special writing/typing to enhance this page, as well.

3. The third and fourth pages should be reserved for the wonder you have chosen as the best. Include at least 8 to 10 interesting facts about your wonder. Be sure to mention things like when the wonder existed or was built, where it was located, and what made it so special. You may either list your facts in complete sentences or write them up in paragraph form. Remember to be persuasive as to why these facts make this wonder so special. You might even add a picture or two. You may type your information and glue it onto the brochure or write it neatly by hand. The choice is yours.

4. The fifth page should explain how you can travel from Athens to the location of this wonder and about how long it should take. Will it be by boat? On foot? How can you make sure the tourist stays comfortable and safe?

5. Finally, the sixth page should include an advertising slogan that really sells your wonder as the best (think of Nike's "Just Do It!").

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