Exercise and Nutrition



Important: The goal of this WebQuest is for you and your group to work together in creating a daily diet planner and workout regime that can be used for an entire week.  The information you gather from your research is to be implemented onto a PowerPoint slideshow and presented to the class.

The first step of the process is to identify your resources.  I want you to brainstorm, as a group, and come up with several ways on accumulating the neccessary information to complete the assignment.  I have supplied you with several resources you can use already along with the following websites:

www.familydoctor.org , www.kidshealth.org , www.cdc.gov , and www.thedietchannel.com

The next step in the process is to explore and research these sources and create a hard copy (rough draft) on paper of your daily eating and exercise routines.

Once you have created your rough draft I will review what you and your group have come up with and allow you to begin your PowerPoint slideshow.

When creating your slideshow, remember to use as much creativity as you possibly can.  By this, I mean use colors, animations, videos, pictures, and anything else you think will help bring your presentation to life.

Once you have completed your PowerPoint slideshow you will prepare the actual presentation aspect with your group and ready yourselves to present your creation to the class.

Enjoy the assignment, have fun working with your peers, and I look forward to seeing your creativeness, research skills, and computer skills come together through this project!

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