Assignment G - Got Milk?



Below are the steps you need to go through to complete this exercise. You will need to find ways to accomplish the assignment by using the library and the Internet resources. Remember to evaluate ALL internet resources to confirm they are reliable and accurate. You will be put into groups of three to complete this assingment.  You will determine how you are going to distribute the work.  For example you can assign each person a topic, slide or work on it all as a group. 

Who is in charge of the food guide pyramid?  Is there any regulation? (Think organic, vs non-organic, Soy etc.)

What are the harmful effects of milk?  Should we be requiring our elementary schools to give children milk that contains potentially harmful growth hormones?

  • Velda brand milk is what the elementary schools are giving to their students, the milk carton states: "*No signifigant difference between milk from artificial growth hormone treated cows and non-treated cows"
  • Is that acceptable? Who determines the level of signifigance?
  • How much fat and sugar is in milk? How does this affect obesity in children?
  • How signifigant is the amount of calcium in the milk as opposed to other healthier sources?
  • Research Bovine Growth Hormone.
  • Where else can we get the daily recommended dose of vitamin D and calcium?

  • Research the food guide pyramid.
  • Google foods high in calcium.
  • Alternative sources of calcium and Vitamin D. 

     Come up with a proposed solution to present to congress that will be a healthy alternative to milk.   

    This is your chance to be very creative.  Use all of your research and the YouTube videos I provided.  (Note: this does not have to be part of the power point, it can be a separate project, letter, research paper, flier, blog etc)



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