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Dewey Decimal System

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Follow the steps below to complete your application.  After viewing the links, click the back arrow button to return to the WebQuest.

Step 1.  Learn about Melvil Dewey.  Review the websites below.  Then print the "Step 1: Dewey Information Sheet" in the resources section below and answer all of the questions.


Step 2.  Learn about the 10 categories in the Dewey Decimal System.  Review the websites below.  Then complete the quiz under the quiz tab.  You must get 12 out of 15 answers correct.


Step 3.  Show what you know!  Create a map of Lakeview Elementary Library.  Print the "Step 3: Lakeview Elementary Library Map" in the resources section below.  The only item you will see on the map is the title of the library.  You must draw a map showing the location of the ten different sections of the Dewey Decimal System.  Also include, the easy fiction and fiction sections, the check-out counter, and the computers.  Be sure to include labels for all of the sections.  Add color and other details you feel are important parts of Lakeview Elementary Library.  Be sure to view the "Evaluation Rubric" under the evaluation tab.  You can complete the map with another applicant.  Each applicant must make a map; however, you can share knowldge learned about the Dewey Decimal System to complete the project. 

In addition, you may want to tour the library and view the layout before you begin your map.  Be aware of the signs and labels around the library that show the ten different Dewey Decimal Categories and different sections. 

Special Note:  You must have another applicant review you map before completion.  They will use your map to find resources in Lakeview Elementary library.  

Step 1: Dewey Information Sheet
Step 3: Lakeview Elementary Library Map
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