In Search of Stellaluna's Family



Please form a group of 4  students.  To learn more about bats,  each student should choose one of the following 4 tasks and complete it.  After all the research has been completed, the group should complete the final task together.

1.  Stellaluna is one type of bat, a fruit bat. There are many other types of bats. Your job is to learn about these other types of bats.  Use the following website to learn about these other types of bats.


2.  Stellaluna had a loving mother. You will work with your partner and complete the assignment together. Your job is to find out how bat mothers care for their babies until they are able to be on their own.  Use the following website to learn about bat babies.


3.  Bats can fly at night and not get hurt. Investigate their special gift called echolocation. Your job is to discover how echolocation works. Could you use echolocation to see in the dark like bats do?  Use the following website to learn about echolocation.


4.  Bats are unique mammals. Discover how they help us and popular myths about bats.  Use the following websites in your research.

myths:  http://susano.tripod.com/myths.html

how bats help us:  http://www.bats4kids.org/help.htm


Write a letter to Stellaluna and explain to her why she is so special. This is your opportunity to show that you are a bat expert!


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