To Kill a Mockingbird: Historical Scavenger Hunt



  1. You will be divided into four groups; each group will be assigned a different topic. 
  2. You will research your assigned topic using the suggested links below. Each of you will work on this step alone. You will read and complete a strong 3-2-1 according to your topic. (If you did not receive the 3-2-1 handout that was distributed in class, you can download it from the Resources section below.) NOTE: Read carefully. Make sure that all 3-2-1 notes are paraphrased or summarized. No direct quoting allowed.
  3. Once each of you has completed the 3-2-1, you will all come back as a team to share your findings with the class. You may use the Promethean and other boards to write down important notes for the class. NOTE: When your group is NOT sharing, you will be note-taking from other groups' presentations.
  4. After all groups have completed their sharing, you will come up with a list of the ten most important words that relate to the class's research.
  5. You will turn in ALL 3-2-1 handouts AND your list of ten words for final written credit. You will also receive in-class points for note-taking on the other groups' presentations.

Investigator Topics:

Group #1:      Harper Lee

Group #2:  Jim Crow Laws

Group #3:   Scottsboro Trial

Group #4: Great Depression

Biography from
the NEA

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
(Choose President, Congress, or Supreme Court)
Scottsboro Trial Timeline
1. Read Film & More link
2. Read Timeline link
Great Depression 
(Be sure to click on the FDR link within the text, too.)
from Biography.com
Examples of Jim Crow Laws
(horrific but true)
One Professor's Research
(check out photos and ACTUAL court transcripts!)
Photo Essay: The Depression


  • File
    Description: Harper Lee Handout: 3-2-1

  • File
    Description: Jim Crow Laws Handout: 3-2-1

  • File
    Description: Scottsboro Trial Handout: 3-2-1

  • File
    Description: Great Depression Handout: 3-2-1

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