How much does it really cost to have a baby?



1-     Check the online resources for what items you will need to care for a baby from birth to 1 years old.











2-     Compile a list of those items and how much each costs. Separate monthly expenses such as diapers or formula from "one-time"expenses such as furniture or stroller. Either create your own spreadsheet or download the one in the 'Resources' section. Fill in all the necessary information to begin to calculate your total year costs to care for a baby. Please remember to save the spreadsheet on to your computer before adding any info. Insert cells for any item that you feel is missing.

3-     After you have completed your list, you will choose to either work alone (single parent) or work with a partner. Each individual/group will receive a scenario from the teacher. The scenario will include your “life” at the time of pregnancy. For example, you could be a 22 year old college student who lives in your own apartment and works part time at Starbucks. Or you could be a young married couple who lives in a 2 bedroom co-op and earns $85,000 together per year. (the scenarios will be more in-depth, these are simple examples)

4-     Everyone must answer the following questions

a.       How much is it going to cost you to care for your baby from birth to age 1

b.      How did you budget your money? What did you leave off your final list that you had on your original list? Why?

c.       What child care option would you have chosen for your baby? Why?

d.      What, if any, governmental resources, would you have applied for?

e.       Do you feel, that in the scenario, you were ready to have a baby? Why/Why not?

f.        What sacrifices did you have to make, if any, because of the pregnancy and new baby?

g.       Is choosing not to abstain from sex worth the risk of pregnancy?

5-  Create either:

a.       A poster or chart showing your scenario, costs and the answers to all questions from #4.

b.      A video or skit describing your scenario, costs and answers to all questions from #4

c.       A powerpoint presentation that describes your scenario, costs and all answers from # 4



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    Description: Spreadsheet of typical expenses to care for a child from birth to age 1.

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