Kate Chopin and



1.  EXPLORING THE WEBSITES: Explore the LINKS listed on the question page (RESOURCE #3) to find out more about Kate Chopin (follow the links by holding down the control button on your keyboard and clicking the mouse at the same time).  Once you know Kate Chopin better, you will begin to understand what motivates Louise Mallard, the protagonist in "Story of an Hour" (where is she "coming from"?).

2.  FINDING THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS:  Donít expect to find the answers to the questions all in one ďspotĒ or on one site.  Browse all the sites and answer the questions from a fully informed perspective.  Iím not looking for you to regurgitate the information contained on the websites to me.  Iím interested in YOUR REACTION to it and in your own insight.  Resources #2 thru #5 are old newspaper advertisements from the late 1800s. Take a look at those photos before you answer the last question.

3.  ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS: You can download the question sheet to your computer and type your answers right onto the page.  Then you can save it again, print it out and bring it to class.  Hopefully, after answering the questions provided, you will better understand Louise Mallard's reaction to the news of her husband's death.


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