Early English Settlements: Plymouth



Welcome to Plymouth, Detective!  Are you ready to begin your sleuthing?  Before we begin, please mark three pages in your journal with the word "Plymouth."  On the first Plymouth page, please write "Background," on the second page, write “Mayflower Compact," on the third, write "Settlement."  Now you're ready to start!  For each section you will be given a list of questions to answer.  Some questions will only need a short answer, like a date or a name, but some will require more thinking and effort.  Try to answer each question to the best of your ability.  Good luck!

In this section, you will be asked to answer some questions about who the Pilgrims were and why they came to America.  All the answers can be found on the websites listed below the list of questions.

1.    Who were the first pilgrims (in other words, they were members of what group)?
2.    Where were they from and where did they land and build their settlement?
3.    How did they get to North America?
4.    Why did they make this dangerous journey?
5.    When did their journey take place?
6.    What was their journey like?

Bonus Question:
Remember to answer this question by critically thinking about  the information you gathered about the pilgrims.
·    When the pilgrims first arrived in North America, why did they stay on the ship for awhile before bringing everyone on land?  What were they doing during those months?

Use this webpage for answers to questions 1-5.
Watch this presentation and answer question 6.
Miss Water's answer to the second question will help give you some ideas for the answer to your group's bonus question.

Mayflower Compact
In this section, you will answer questions about the Mayflower Compact and why it was important for the new colony.

1.    Why did the pilgrims need to Mayflower Compact?  Did something happen that made them realize they needed it?
2.    What did the Mayflower Compact say?
3.    Who wrote it?  Who signed it?
4.    Where did they sign it?
5.    When did they sign it?
6.    How did the Mayflower Compact help them and their colony survive the first hard years?

Bonus Question:
Remember to answer this question by critically thinking about  the information you gathered about the Mayflower Compact.
·    How did the Mayflower Compact help early Americans understand the idea of democracy (the idea the people should select their own rulers and laws)? 

Read section two (after the blue writing) to answer questions 1, 3, and 4.  Read section four to answer question 2.  Read section three to answer the bonus question.
Read this webpage to answer question 5.

Use your information from the first 5 questions to help you come up with an answer to question 6 on your own.

In this section, you will answer questions about the original Plymouth Settlement and how the pilgrims survived.

1.    How did the pilgrims start building their settlement of Plymouth Plantation?
2.    Why was it so hard for the pilgrims living in Plymouth?
3.    Who helped the pilgrims?  What tribe were they from?
4.    Where did the Indians learn English?
5.    When did the Indians start helping the pilgrims? 
6.    What did they do to help them?

Bonus Question:
Remember to answer this question by thinking critically about the information you gathered about the Plymouth Settlement.
·    What do you think the pilgrims had to be thankful for on the first Thanksgiving?  List at least five things you would have been thankful for if you had been one of the pilgrims in Plymouth.

Scroll down to the section titled “The Pilgrims Land at Plymouth.”  Now go down 6 paragraphs and begin reading the paragraph that begins “Upon arriving at Plymouth…” to answer questions 1 and 2.

Use the information on the new Plymouth colony to answer questions 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Additional Information
If you are interested in learning more about Plymouth, check out these great websites!
This is a great website from the Plimoth Plantation, a recreation village to teach people about the early Plymouth settlers.  This site has interesting information and fun things like recipes and homework help if you're interested in more information on Plymouth.
You already watched the section about the voyage on the Mayflower, but this website has lots of pictures and fun information about the differences between the Indians and the Pilgrims.
This web page has lots of detailed information about different aspects of the pilgrims voyage and settlement.

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