Exploring the Mississippi River



Help the Duck family learn about their new home on the Mississippi River by answering these questions. Use the web sites below eachquestions (or group of questions) to find the answers. With this information, you will also create a travel brochure.










Create a travel brochure for the Duck family. Use the information you learned while researching the previous questions to make the brochure interesting and helpful.
  • Use construction paper, markers and pictures printed from the internet to create a travel brochure about the Mississippi River for the Duck family.
  • On the cover of your brochure, include a title, your name and a picture of the Mississippi River.
  • Print out a map of Illinois and highlight the route the Duck family will take to get to the Mississippi River. Glue the map to the first page of your brochure.
  • On the following four pages, include interesting facts and important information the Duck family will need to know to live in this environment.
  • Creatively incorporate six of the questions you researched about the Mississippi River.
  • Decorate your brochure with pictures.

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