Focus Questions: What are some changes that you have observed with the nature of netball when it first started and with the nature of the game in modern times.
Attainment Target: To be able to understand the differences with netball at birth and with netball in the present day.
Students should be able to:
•explain the history of netball
• tell the differences with the game now and then 
• write an essay about the development of netball.

Materials: book, pen, laptop and phones

Skills: Reasoning, Thinking, Communicating and Interpreting

Content: Netball first began as a form of basketball before it was later evolved into the game we know today. The history of netball links way back to 1891, where it evolved originally from the game of basketball. From the first game in England in 1895, to the inclusion in the Commonwealth Games 103 years later, through to the instigation of Fast Net in 2008 and Fast5 in 2013, grass roots Netball has come a long way.

Activity 1
Student will read an article about netball history.

After the article the students will take a short answer quiz to see how much they understood about the history of the sport.

Activity 2
additional information wil be dictated to the class.
The class will be split into two groups and each group will do a creative peice on the history and development of netball

Activity 3
Students will pick a number from 1-15 and based on the number selected they will have to answer the question that relates to the number.

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