St. Patrick



1.  Go to DiscusKids (hint: Media Center page)

2.  Enter St. Patrick in the SmartSearch Kids box.

3.  Select #10

4.  Listen to the article with: an American; an Australian; and a British accent.

1.  Go back to the SmartSearch Kids box.

2.  Enter St. Patrick's Day in the box.

3.  Select #2.

4.  Listen to the article .

5.  Answer the 4 questions at the end on a piece of lined paper (1-4)

   Answer the following 6 questions as well on your lined paper: 

6.   Who was Patrick?

7.   What country was Patrick from?

8.   What day do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day every year?

9.   What plant did Patrick think represented Christianity?

10.  Did Patrick use a three or a four leaf clover for his teachings?

11. Was St.  Patrick an actual person or was he a myth?




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