Abraham Lincoln's Pocket Watch

Process: Discover the Actions of Jonathan Dillon


1. You will use the resources listed to gain information about our country in 1861 at the start of the Civil War.

     Imagine what you would be feeling if you lived then.

2. You will read an article of an interview with Jonathan Dillon from The New York Times newspaper written in 1906. 

3. You will read articles about the Lincoln pocket watch.

4. You will watch a video and will witness the revelation, as it happened on March 11, 2009, of what Mr. Dillon wrote inside President Lincoln's pocket watch.

    The public watched this 148 years after the fact.  Imagine what you would have been thinking, if you were there.

5. You will write at least two paragraphs about the information that you found. Include your own thoughts.


Web Link

Web Link
Video of Uncovering of the Watch
Video Overview
Jefferson Davis

Description: "Jeff Davis" was another name inscribed on the watch.

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