Thanksgiving Party



1.) You are going to create your own Amazing Thanksgiving story. Click on this link  to begin. Fill in the blanks with words that fit.

           If you need help remembering what a noun, adjective, verb, or any other part of speech is, click on this link.
                 (Remember that singular means one, and past tense is something that has already happened.)

After you fill in the blanks, click on See Your Wacky Web Tale.  Then you can read your own Amazing Thanksgiving story!

2.) Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  You still need to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. You go to the store to find a turkey that weighs at least 200 ounces.

The turkey you find weighs fifteen pounds. How many ounces are in a pound? How many ounces does the turkey weigh? Click on this link  if you need help converting the measurements.

Type the number of pounds in the first blank next to the word pounds Then, click on [ Calculate It ]Is the fifteen pound turkey at least 200 ounces?

3.) The turkey costs ten cents per ounce. What is the price of the whole turkey? You get in line to buy it and realize you only have twenty-five dollars in your wallet.

Do you have enough money? You can use the  online calculator to help you find the answer.

4.) Next, you are going to bake your Thanksgiving turkey. Go to Sara's Cooking Class  to learn how to do it.

5.) Now that you have gathered your food, you must plan the rest of the party.  Use Worksheet 1 to practice your cursive writing. Spell the Thanksgiving words in your best handwriting.

6.) You need to find a Thanksgiving poem to read to your friends and family at the Thanksgiving Party. Click on this link.

Read the Thanksgiving poems. Then, in cursive on Worsheet 2 write a short paragraph about which poem is your favorite and why.

7.) Next, you are going to use your five senses to describe Thanksgiving.

  Fill in the blanks on Worksheet 3 by writing what you will see, smell, touch, hear, and taste on Thanksgiving.

8.) Finally, at the Thanksgiving Party everyone will have the opportunity to tell what they are thankful for.

On Worksheet 2 write a paragraph, in cursive, describing five things that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Be prepared to share your thoughts at the Thanksgiving Party!


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