The New Sherlock Holmes



Now to prepare you to take the place of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson needs you to follow these instructions:

1. You will be assigned a partner  (2 students per team)

 2. Create a Word document titled  Detective Notebook. Include a Title page with both your names.

3. In your Detective Notebook write the definitions of the mystery vocabulary words below.

You will use the Britannica Elementary dictionary from Discus.

Mystery Vocabulary Words

Write the definitions of these words in your Detective Notebook:

  1. Alibi
  2. Clue
  3. Crime
  4. Deduce
  5. Detective
  6. Evidence
  7. Motive
  8. Mystery
  9. Plot
  10. Red Herring
  11. Suspect
  12. Witness

4. You and your partner must read the attached story titled "The Case of the Ruined Roses"  and see if you can solve the case

Write your solution in your Detective Notebook.

5. On your own, without your partner, you will complete a Sherlock Holmes Picture Scramble. 

6.  On your own again, you will Ask Sherlock Holmes a yes or no question and record his answer.



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