Planets in Our Solar System

Le's having fun with the process!


On this fun trip, you're going to go through 3 phases to learn more about the planets. Those phases are preparation, check what you've learnt, and pour your creativity by the project. 

Don't forget to always return back to this website after you finish each steps.

Phase 1 - Preparation

Step 1
Before going on a short trip, you have to prepare for it!
To explore planets, Click Here to sing and fun learning. After the video is over, review and take notes for yourself.

Step 2
Sing a song again by take turns with your friends. You can exchange the information from your friends too.

Phase 2 - Check what you've learnt

It's time to practice your understanding about the planets in our solar system.

Click Here for practice 1
Read the questions carefully, after answering all of it you can check your answer by clicking "submit" after you click your answer and the page will give you the correct answer.

Click Here for practice 2
It doesn't matter if on practice 1 you had many wrong answers, you can try again on practice 2. As like as practice 1, after you choose your answer, click "submit" then you can check your answer whether correct or wrong.

Phase 3 - Pour your creativity 
After practice from your trip, it's time to pour what you've learnt using your own words and your creativity.

Make the solar system on the cardboard and write down at least 2 paraghraphs about it, at least 5 sentences in each paraghraphs. Decorate it by your own creativity!

Click Here to see an example how to make it.

Next, take the photos, video and e-mail it to my email yohanarosalim@gmail.com

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