Arabic Culture and Society


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These are the steps you need to follow to complete the task proposed for this lesson: 

  1. Visit the link Video : How to make Arabic Coffee , in the section Resources below. Watch it and try  to understand the steps carefully. Look up unknown words and expressions if needed 
  2. Once you have watched the video and familiarize yourself with the content , visit the second link in Resources and listen to the song. It is in an Arabic folklore that talks about the Arabic coffee.   
  3. Then, open the word document below. It contains some cultural and traditional information about the Arabic coffee and some keywords.  
  4. After completing the previous steps, go to the D2L website and answer the questions posted in the discussion Forum: Arabic Culture and Society.  Post a comment and reply on others' posts. 
  5. Arabic Coffee

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بالله تصبوا هالقهوة
How to Make Arabic Coffee

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