Approach, Method, Models, and Learning Techniques of TPR ( Total Physical Respon)

Process learning Total Physical Response (TPR)


From of Activity with the TPR Method in PBM (Teaching and Learning Process). In the teaching and learning process using this TPR method there are many activitied that can be done by teachers and students, including: 

    a) Imperative Drill, is the main activity carried out  by the teacher in the class from the TPR method. Exercise is useful for obtaining physical movements            and activities from students,

    b) Dialogue or Conversational dialogue,

    c) Role Play, can be focused on daily activities such as in schools, restaurants, markets, etc.

    d) Presentation with LCD,

    e) Reading activity (Reading), and writing (Writing) to add vocabulary (Vocabularies) and also train on sentence structure based on tensen and so on. 

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