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Important in Storytelling
1. Eye contact

When the story takes place, storytellers must make eye contact with the audience. Look at the audience and pause for a moment. By making eye contact, the audience will feel that they are being watched and invited to interact. In addition, by making eye contact, we can see whether the audience is listening to the storyline that is told. That way, storytellers can find out the reactions of the audience.

2. Facial nosebleeds

When story telling is taking place, the face of the storyteller's face can support the life or not of a story that is told. Storytellers must be able to express their faces according to the fairy tales.

3. Body movement

The storytelling body when the process of running the story telling can also help illustrate a more interesting storyline. The story that is tale will feel different if the storytelling will feel different if the storytelling performs movements that reflect what the characters did tell them. Fairy tales will feel boring, and eventually the audience will not be enthusiastic about listening to tales.

4. Sound

The low level of sound that is played can be used by storytellers to bring the audience to feel the situation of the story being told. Storytellers will raise the tone of their voice to reflect the story that is beginning to enter a tense stage. Professional storytellers are usually able to mimic the voices of characters who are told stories. For example the sound of a chicken, the sound of an open door.

5. Speed

Storytellers must be able to maintain the speed or tempo when the story telling. In order for speed that can make children confused or too slow, causing children to become bored.

6. Props

To attract the interest of children in the story telling process, there is a need for teaching aids such as small dolls that are used in the hands to represent characters who are fabled material. In addition to dolls, you can also use funny animal costumes, essentially making the child feel curious about the fairy tale material that will be presented.

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