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Phase 1

In phase one of the project you will work through the excel spreadsheet first and figure out what your main technology company you use.  You can just copy/paste or just transfer the table over manually.  Then go to one of the provided links below for the respected company and learn about it.  This phase will set your boundary for what the content of the paper will consist of, so being knowledgeable on your company will help with discussion that you will be having after doing the proper research.

Phase 2

Take the information you have learned and meet with your partners to discuss what you have found in result of the excel sheet.  Each person should have notes that they brought with them from what they have learned to the meeting.  Doing this will allow you to not waste time and make sure you obtain the proper knowledge to complete the task.  The discussion should last 10-15 minutes, and if you get stuck on what you should be asking refer to the questions below.

Phase 3 

In phase 3 you will be putting your research and notes to work! Get together with your group and create a collaborative paper that is a minimum of 2 pages and has no max page limit.  The paper should consist of each student's top brand and show advantages and disadvantages of the tech company.  There should also be a section on what you discussed about in your group and if you have found any company to work better for certain services/products.  You have a total of two weeks from when the project was given to you so use class time wisely!

Excel Sheet







Questions to ask?

When was the first time you purchased a product from the brand?

Have you ever switched companies for that product/service? Why or why not?

Did you know that (this company) actually owns (this company)?

Extra Help

There are books in the back of the classroom on the shelf if you need any additional help or information.  Feel free to use them whenever and if you need to take them to a study hall just check with me before taking them.


The video below will show you how much these companies impact our lives whether we know it or not, I strongly recommend viewing this before you get started as it shows you which companies owns what products/services as well.

The Big 5

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