The Life of an American Civil War Soldier



1.  Decide what battle you are going to be fighting in. You may choose from the following:
• Fort Sumter
• First Bull Run
• Shiloh
• Second Bull Run
• Antietam
• Fredericksburg
• Gettysburg
• Chattanooga
2. Go to any of the following websites to find information on your battle. You may also use other sites found through a search engine such as Google. You may not use information from articles on Wikipedia, but you may use the resource section to find other websites.



3.  Write a rough draft of your letter. Make sure that you are being descriptive enough for your friend to feel what you are feeling. Use adjectives! If you want to know if you have written everything you need to you may return to the task page and review the questions. You may also go to the evaluation page to see if you have done all that is required.
4. Proofread and revise your letter.
5.  Type the final draft of your letter in Microsoft word. Make sure that you use the Spell Check before printing a copy.
6.  Hand your paper in to the teacher.

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