Activity 1What is a BIOGRAPHY?

What information does it include? Make a list HERE. (You can answer in English or Spanish)

Activity 2: Reading a Biography

- Read the biography about Lady Ada Lovelace...Which information from your list does it include?

- Re-read the text and choose the best linking words.

Activity 3: What is a TIMELINE? (You can answer in English or Spanish)

- Re-read the text about Lady Ada and elaborate a timeline about the most important events in her life. Take a photo of the timeline and share it HERE.

Activity 4

- Look at the following facts about Sarah Breedlove and complete the chart with the information required.

- Use the information given to write a short biography. (You can use Lady Ada biography as a model)

Activity 5: FINAL TASK: Who is the MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN in your life? Which was her great ACHIEVEMENT?

- Write a list of questions you would like to ask her about her life. Share them HERE.

-Using the previous questions, interview the woman you consider important in your life. While you interview her you will film the conversation and then you will share the video HERE


*The interview could be in English or Spanish.
*The video will last no more than 5 minutes.

- Using the information collected, prepare a visual presentation where you retell the life and achievements of the person chosen. DonĀ“t forget to include photos which illustrate the events while you retell the biography! 

- Share your presentation HERE.


*Don't forget to include photos which illustrate the events while you retell the biography.

*The visual presentation will last no more than 10 minutes.

*The visual presentation will be retell in English.


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