Uncovering the Secrets of the Lost Colony



Here are the steps you will need to take to complete your mission:


Step One:Select two partners to work with. Make sure that you choose a group that you can work well with! This is an important job!


Step Two: Decide which partner will study which theory. Once you have chosen, your responsibility to your group is to become an expert on that theory so you can help your group chose the best one! Here are your options:


       INDIAN ATTACK EXPERT: You will collect evidence for the theory that Indians attacked and wiped out the colony. 


       ASSIMILATION EXPERT: You will collect evidence for the theory that the colonists assimilated into (or joined with) a local Native American tribe.


       RELOCATION EXPERT: You will collect evidence for the theory that the colonists chose to move to another area.


       Use the following websites to find evidence to support your theory. Remember to focus on your theory so you can report back to your group!













Step Three: As a group, you must examine the evidence and decide which theory is the mostly likely. Your group must agree on ONE answer, so study the evidence and discuss it together!


Step Four: Write a letter to the North Carolina Department of Historical Mysteries. You must include which theory you have chosen, as well as what evidence you have to support that claim.


This website will help you write the letter properly. Include the names of each person in your group on the letter.







The Sample Letter attached to this page will give you any addresses you need, as well as what to include in each paragraph. Each group may print one copy of this letter to use as a reference.


Step Five: Prepare a short presentation (2-3 minutes) in which you will explain to the rest of the class which theory your group has chosen and why. Be sure to assign a speaking role to each member in your group! 


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