Going shopping



Step 1. Work in groups of 4.

Step 2.
Task 1. You have to prepare previously the questions/ expressions you think you will need to establish the dialogue, such as:
- greeting;
- offering assistance;
- asking about preferences, size, brands...
- thanking and saying goodbye.

Task 2. You must act like a famous person who wants to buy some clothes and footwear items. So, you have to tell the shop assistant what your preferences are, as well as the size you take and your favorite brands. Think about useful expressions:
- greeting;
- asking for help;
- mentioning the items you want to buy;
- referring to favorite colors, brands, and size;
- asking about the price;
- saying goodbye.

Enjoy yourselves!

Your student's book, the dialogue structure you've seen and the following sites may be a useful help:



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