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1. Watch the video about the five senses.

2. Now that you know about the five senses of the human body, you and your classmates are going to color and cut out the five senses picture provided by the teacher and glue it to the outside of a paper bag. When the bags are finished, you are going to direct your attention to the teacher as he/she holds up a community helper figure. Identify what the five sense does and raise your hand as you identify the picture provided.


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  • 5 senses
    Description: We have 5 senses in our body.The 5 Senses interpret the world around us as we can find out and grasp whatever is happening around us. They are: Sense of Sight - Eyes Sense of Taste - Tongue Sense of Sound - Ears Sense of Touch - Skin Sense of Smell - Nose This video explains all about our 5 senses.

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