Bitcoin, the currency that is changing the world.



This is the step to step of the whole activity. You must read it all before even starting to act on it, but do it in the same order.

Step one:

To begin we will learn a bit more about Bitcoin, after that interesting video that you had in the introduction of this unit (you saw it, right?) It's time to read an interesting article that will show you some advantages and disadvantages about this important cryptocurrency.


Did you like reading? Take a look at this video that will surely help you to clarify some concepts and to have more arguments about the benefits of Bitcoin:

But as it is important to see the two sides of the coin, watch this interesting video that makes you think about the possible disadvantages:

Confused? It is time then to search by yourself for information on your own, look for new articles and new videos on the internet that will help you clear your doubts and make a decision: are you for or against Bitcoin?

Step two:

Now that you have cleared your doubts and made a decision, it is time to participate in the virtual forum. In the following link you will find it:


           *   You must establish a clear position: you are for or against Bitcoin
           *   You must give three arguments as to why you assumed that position
           *   Your writing must be clear, understandable and respectfu

Step three:

It's a forum! So it's time to participate and interact online. Choose at least the commentary of two colleagues, and respond to their post, expressing you agree or desagree and why.

Remember to argue your answers. Write them in a clear and understandable way and use a respectful vocabulary.

Step four:

Read carefully the comments that your colleagues gave to your post; even looks at what others posted and what others commented.

Record yourself in a short video with a duration of about 3 minutes, telling us about what do you think of Bitcoin and how do you think it will change the world in 20 years, or do you think it will disappear and why? Upload it to your Drive account

Do you still in your initial position? Or did you change your mind?




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    Description: Here is the link of the virtual forum, very important to do the step 2 and 3

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