Animals and Their Abilities



1- In the first day, search and find out the names of animals that are in the zoo with your partner. You can watch this video to learn the animals.

2- If you are sure that you have learned, Click Here to add the animals' information and pictures to the website. (Match the pictures with the correct animals. Do it on your own!)

3- In the second day, search the abilities of the animals. You will learn what they can and can't do. Watch the video to learn them.

4- After you learned what they can or can't do, Click Here to add the information to the website. (Write at least 5 sentences for each animal. For example; a tiger can't fly. It can run. Do it on your own!)

5- In the third day, you take some notes to tell curious students. Tell them about the animals and what they can or can't do. (In the classroom! For example; it is a penguin. It can swim but it can't fly)


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    Description: Watch the video to learn animals' names.

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