Your instructor will be put you into a group of five (5). Using the online class platform, email, online chat, texting, phone, and video conferencing you will have to agree on two successful entrepreneurs from the given website to research.

Part 1 – Before meeting with your team research the Internet on what an entrepreneur is, what a manager is and what a leader is. Identify researched attributes of all three.

Part 2 – Meet with your team and collectively distribute two (2) successful business owners to each team member from the INC Magazine, here.

Part 3 –Questions: (Please make sure each answer includes BOTH your entrepreneurs and has a minimum of 3 substantial sentences. 

1. Who are your two entrepreneurs and what company / products did they create?
2. Who were they before they became successful? What is their family background?
3. What type of education do they have?
4. Who helped them throughout their journey?
5. What did / do other people think of them?
6. Are they good leaders and/or managers? Why or why not?
7. In your opinion, what was the turning point of their success?
8. How are their personalities the same? How are they different?

Part 4 – In a short answer (3-5 sentences) write a conclusion and synopsis of 5 traits that your choices have in common and what made them successful.

Part 5 – Share your short answer with your team mates

Part 6 – After reviewing every team members short answer, discuss and find THREE traits that ALL entrepreneurs have in common.

Part 7 – Submit your Research on attributes, Answers to your questions, short answer and the final three attributes your team decided on to your class room submission area. Make sure you have properly cited the resources you have used for this assignment.

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