Feeding My Brain



1. Your first activity to show your knowledge in the area of a healthy life, it is to choose which foods are more beneficial for your body and brain and which ones are not that much (healthy and unhealthy).

Healthy and unhealthy food (link)

2. As a nutritian you should be conscious that feed changes have to be made by yourself first, so now you have to think about your daily food intake. What do you usually eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

To achieve that, answer the questions in the following link:

What I eat in a day (link)

3. In order to reach your task of making a balanced diet for all meals and snacks that will help you to improve your brain function, you will use the websites provided below.

    First of all, read the following article about food and brain in the following link:

    Article (link)

    Now that you are ready, click the link below and create your diet plan. Don't forget that you need to improve your brain function!

    Diet plan (link)

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