Why is Australia a country of "strong character" ?

The order of the tasks


For the webquest on Australia the whole class will be devided into several groups. Each group will get one aspect of Australia. Your tasks will include the following:

I. Study Web-based materials using lings suggested.

II. Do additional Internet search for information on the target issue, if necessary.

III. 1. Read the questions of the quiz "What Do You Know about Australia ?".

      2. Answer them choosing the most appropriate variant for you.

      3. Do the exercise for your group.

      4. (Equally) divide the material between all team members for presentation in class for the members of other groups.

      5. Prepare your presentations (reports).

      6. Compose a chinquain(s).

IV. 1. Report to the whole class what you have learned on the topic for your group activity.

     2. Recite your chinquain(s).

Phase 1 - Background Information

For this webquest I decided to break the information on Australia into three parts. Each group will need to study only one part and inform the whole class about its major features and subjects.

Phase 2 - The Quiz

Answer the questions of the quiz "What Do You Know about Australia ?"

The name of the link "The Quiz".

Phase 3 - Roles

You will be working in teams. It will be up to you to divide roles in each team. For efficiency, there should be a team leader, who will organize the work and divide the issues whithin each topic to make sure everything is covered and there is no overlap. However, all team members are responsible for presenting information in class, regardless their role in the preparation process.

Group 1: Geographers:

A. Study the text file. The name of the link "Geography".

B. Do the matching task "The Geography of Australia".The name of the link "The Geography of Australia".

Group 2: Biologists:

A. Study a text file. The name of the link "Wildlife".

B. Do the matching task "Australian Animals". The name of the link "Fauna".

Group 3: Historians

A. Study a text file. The name of the link "History".

B. Do the number line task "Number Line. Australian History".  The name of the link "The History of Australia".

An additional task - "Australian or Not" (the name of the link the same)

Phase 4 - Reaching Consensus
The problem is to decide whether Australia can be called "the country of strong character". Why (not) ?

What unique things would you like to tell us about this continent country ?

Give your presentations and recite your chinquains !


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