Civil Rights Movement



N.C. A&T State University. “Lunch Counter Sit In.” Photograph. 1960. Civil Rights Movement, HBCU, and you - https://hbculifestyle.com/hbcu-civil-rights-movement/. Web. 1 Feb. 2014.

  1. First watch this video that does a good job of giving you a brief history of civil rights struggles in this country. Civil Rights History 
  2. Next I would like you to read through this timeline just to familiarize yourself with the events that took place. This will help you reference back when writing your plan. Timeline 
  3. Here is another source that will be helpful when researching the best ways to fight inequalities in this country. Civil Rights Leaders 
  4. After looking at the resources it is time for you to make a decision. By what means are you going to go about spreading awareness throughout the community that will garner enough support that will create change?
  5. In a minimum of 3 pages double spaced you will need to do the following:    

                Explain 2 methods that were used throughout history to bring awareness and change for civil rights. Who lead them?

                Pick a specific topic in your community (can be a real topic or you can make one up) that you are going to protest.

                Explain in detail how you will go about executing your plan to protest this inequality.

                To conclude explain what expected outcome you wish to have and explain how it will create change. 



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